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 "I like everything that pleases the eye and caresses the soul"

Welcome to my bear site. My name is Marie Pávek Vršecká from the Czech Republic.

I have been creating since childhood, when I learned to crochet, knit, embroider, sew by hand and machine, model animals and flowers from modurite. It wasn't until my pastry apprenticeship that I modelled various landmarks out of marzipan, caramel, grilias and plastic chocolate, which I used in pastry competitions with podium finishes.

After studying at university, which I finished with a diploma, I returned to creating by teaching courses with about 25 art techniques that I know. I have presented my creativity at sales exhibitions organized by me around the Czech Republic.

Again I ended up modelling but from ceramic clay: modelling teddy bears, cats, flowers and other garden decorations. The garden is also a great hobby of mine.

I started sewing in 1985 sewing clothes, toys, patchwork and handbags under my own brand: VRSCHANDD and for the last 4 years I have been sewing collectible teddy bears. I sew bears from different materials: alpaca, mohair, merino all arrested in cotton weave, foreign artificial plush, suede, felt, denim. The bears are 5 jointed connected with bolts and nuts, or I make a wire frame for better shaping of arms and legs. I use Bohemian glass eyes, 100% cotton for the hand embroidered nose, hollow fiber filling, I cut out the face with scissors. Each bear is a one of a kind original, it's a tedious but beautiful job, when the bear is sewn and

looking at me, I am so pleased.

I owe this idea of trying to create collectible bears to my great friend, world famous artist Master Isabella Hoffmann from Florida, to whom I owe a big heartfelt thank you for everything.

I have loved creating all my life

I will continue to create teddy bears, cubs and other animals so that, you will feel the love and caress your soul from my bears.

The bears, animals made by me are not toys for children!

For collecting purposes only!

The bears will enjoy their new home.

With love ❤️ Marie


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